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Why do automatic dispensers use stainless steel needles for dispensing

Release time:2020-11-04 15:24:00  Views: 692

Automatic dispenser is a general term for a class of dispensers, including three-axis dispensers, visual dispensers, precision dispensers, etc. Although the advantages of each model are different from those in the field of expertise, it is undeniable An important equipment suitable for packaging and bonding in multiple industries, so why do automatic dispensers often choose to use stainless steel needles?

The advantages of stainless steel needles

The automatic dispensing machine occupies a small area and is easy to operate. It can carry out filling and dispensing of a variety of different combinations of paths. It is driven by imported stepping motor accessories to enhance the stability and quality of the dispensing process. Glue requires the application of higher and finer stainless steel needles to complete the dispensing. The selection of stainless steel needles can enhance the service life and ensure that the glue can be evenly and accurately placed to the bonding position, so that the product bonding effect is more stable and wide.

How to ensure the stable use of stainless steel needles

The control of the amount of glue depends not only on the stainless steel needle itself, but also on the execution effect of the accessory dispensing valve. The dispensing valve is a valve that controls the dispensing of glue. When the operator operates the dispensing machine, the accessory valve will automatically open so that Glue flows for dispensing. According to the different production and application of glue, you should choose a dispensing valve suitable for stainless steel needles. If you need to use UV glue to complete the bonding, you must use a special UV glue valve. The UV glue valve can reduce the UV light caused by the UV glue. In order to prevent the UV glue from curing quickly due to the influence of ultraviolet light during the bonding process, the selected stainless steel needle can be used to prevent ultraviolet light from affecting the curing.

External glue supply

In order to ensure that the stainless steel needle can discharge glue stably and smoothly, a large glue storage accessory pressure barrel can be connected to provide a stable and smooth glue supply mode to ensure that there will be no defects such as lack of glue and glue leakage during the product filling process. It can also be based on the actual application. Choose more kinds of accessories to enhance the glue supply effect of stainless steel needles, and satisfy users' more comprehensive dispensing work.

Summary: How can stainless steel needles have so many advantages not to be used? You say yes.